IR Combat is not a cheesy sci-fi game nor is it a full on MilSim, this is a hybrid appealing to a larger audience. The extreme replay value gets players addicted and gives them more interesting battle stories. Every player class fits into combat differently and can be built a number of ways, giving tons of unique player builds.

Current laser tag systems are too anti-climactic at game start/end. IR Combat remedies this with high quality audio content to draw the player into the game, and amp up adrenaline, an important aspect of gaming. Players know what’s happening at all times with the audio system in IR Combat.

What Makes IR Combat different?

  • More replay value
  • More player strategy
  • Player classes with unique abilities
  • Gain experience to try new player builds
  • Community feedback used to shape new gear and content

Not Convinced?

  • Grenades of multiple types (penetrate thin barriers)
  • Stationary turret support
  • Realistic reload attachments (option)
  • Multi-color sensor LED support to prevent confusion
  • Multiple flag types to spread out the field
  • Vibration feedback (option)
  • Gain levels and experience like most modern video games
  • Outdoor or Indoor/night infrared laser tag modes
  • Radio feedback for more gaming options
  • Multiple game modes
  • In game audio queues keep players up to speed
  • Advanced admin controls one or all taggers at once
  • Firmware updates via PC download and USB cable

ircombat Laser Tag



“Frosting the enemy team to lower their rate of fire while Snipers knock them out with bio toxin and plasma rounds.”

Summer 2013 Action Video

Some footage of the new gattling gun and the ghost using the new first person camera, the HERO2 HD helmet camera.


“Remember that game where the Ghost flanked our sentry gun with an EMP blast and their Medic popped a healing grenade while they sent their Scout with fully upgraded dodge across the field with our nuke codes?” “Yeah, that was B.S.”